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Your business could partner with ours in so many win-win ways - here are 8 that we've thought of but please, feel free to suggest others - let's talk!

Every B2B arrangement is subject to contract.

Bulk Buy Bargains

Are you in charge of the hair for a choir, fashion show or wedding, or any other function or event where the women MUST have fantastic, uniformly styled hair? Arrange to buy the same SimiWeave™ styles in bulk for unbelievable discounts!

Launch Your Own

Want a piece of the multi-billion dollar black hair industry?  Launching your own line of SimiWeave™ styles is a profitable, quick, stress-free and risk-free way in. Leverage our production might, expertise and brand heritage - we will design and produce your own line of SimiWeave™ styles with you and for you, and we could also brand, package and market it for you.  

Party Animal

Do you organise a regular event or function, for ten or more women (for instance fortnightly networking evenings, monthly book clubs, weekly fellowships, etc)? Why not jazz things up a bit and invite us to attend? We'll put on a good show and pay you a percentage of the sales!  

Pop Up Shop

We are always looking for venues for our pop-up shops, for instance bridal and fashion boutiques, jewellry stores, salons, beauty palours and offices. Host us and we will pay rent for the space we use, and, introduce your business to your database and invite our customers to visit your outlet for our pop up shop - it is a tried and tested way of reaching new customers!

Sales Success

Buy and sell the SimiWeave™, making a tidy profit along the way. It's an easy sell because it sells itself! We will provide you with all the training and point-of-sale material you need, and, include your outlet in all our marketing efforts.

Spoil Them Rotten!

Want to entice new members or reward your staff? What better way than with substantial discounts off our SimiWeave™ styles?!  We can provide you with special discount codes for use on your website, in your literature, etc. and it won't cost you a penny!


Holding a fashion show, wedding, church choir event or another function? Look no further for an 'official hair sponsor' or 'hair partner'! Include the SimiWeave™ in your publicity and promotions in exchange for free product and hair styling!

Style Your Star

Managing or working with the next Beyonce or Rihanna, Serena or Venus, Lupita or Halle, Naomi or Jordan? Create your desired star look quickly and at a fraction of the cost using a premium Remy hair SimiWeave™! Let us create a bespoke SimiWeave™ for your star - according to your / her specifications - and style her at the photoshoot, in exchange for the hair credits and use of the photos.

Suggestions welcome!

Are there other ways of working together that you'd like to suggest? Pray tell. 

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