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SimiWeave: the original U part wig

- beware of cheap imitations

Simi Belo and SimiWeave close up hi res.

I took a HUGE plunge in bringing my invention to market. Thanks to phenomenol support from family and friends, and exhausting amount of hard work and tons of determination, I got there in 2004 and the SimiWeave™ was an instant success. The thanks, praises, compliments, support and encouragement have been pouring in everyday since from people all over the world!


It saddens me that counterfeiters have the resources and distribution clout to copy and sell my invention in a signficantly more substantial way than I have been able to, meaning that you may have come across fakes (U-part wigs) and SimiWeave™ wannabes before discovering the SimiWeave™ itself. But rest assured, the SimiWeave™ will always be the original and it is still the best! So beware of cheap imitations!


All your feedback is very welcome and encouraged, including any complaints or suggestions that will allow me to improve our products and services. I am also keen to use my experience, expertise and position to enable and empower women like me across the world. So please do email me ( anytime. Don't be shy and anonymous: I can't get back to you unless you provide your email address! I look forward to hearing from you.


Simi Belo, inventor of multiple award winning SimiWeave™ U part wig, 19 February 2014

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