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22 Dec 2017

Inspired by an article in the Guardian today ( to dig out this article, which we originally called 'Black women and wigs and weaves' and published in 2011.

‘Black women wear wea...

18 May 2016

Just because our brand name includes that word 'weave' does not mean we are all about thread, glue or damaging chemicals! We've always advocated the importance of caring for and maintaining your own, natural hair. After all, it was the desparation to wear her own hair...

1 Mar 2016

It is official: as we continue to opt for natural hair styles in our masses, wigs, weaves and extensions are very much part of the mix.  Mintel’s recent US report revealed precisely what we’ve been harping on about for ages: that you can wear weaves AND keep your hair...

29 Jun 2015

If you are a black girl or woman who:-

  • loves and uses hair extensions, has any ideas for new hair extension and hair care products, or is really creative when it comes to hair styling;

  • hates the idea and sight of weaves, wigs, lace fronts, etc., etc.;

  • is r...

29 Jun 2015

I seem to have stumbled upon a hotly debated topic that divides women everywhere!  Who would have guessed that in addition to having  your bridesmaids wear the same gowns, that having them uniformly groomed (hair style, make up, jewellery and other accessories) instead...

25 Jan 2015

Actually, what I really want to ask is ‘is there no romance if you can’t run your fingers through her hair?’ but that’s not quite as catchy, so apologies for grabbing your attention under false pretences!  But now that you are here, please do indulge me by letting me k...

19 Jan 2015

The Young Ladies Club (YLC) is an innovative club that seeks to empower young ladies in the areas of entrepreneurship, education, employment and personal development. The club interacts with its members through social media and interactive events, such as seminars and...

14 Jan 2015

Media coverage of this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) exhibition in Las Vegas seems to have been dominated by two stories: (1) how the ‘selfie stick’ (or Quick Pod) is THE gadget for today; and, (2) how a Mr Wayne Fromm, has been shouting out that he was the on...

28 Dec 2014

I get asked this question sooooo many times, I thought I’d jot my response down in writing, once and for all! Yes, ‘U part wig’ sums up my invention and it makes sense that that is what all the copies out there (2,425 at the last count) are called. And yes, I did consi...

22 Dec 2014

The U-part wig is a revolutionary type of wig design, invented by Ms Simi Belo in London, UK, in 2003. Belo had noticed that in an attempt to deliver realism, especially at the hairline at the front, existing wig brands who used the traditional oval wig cap were adding...

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