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Colour Chart


Please be aware that the colours vary on screen from computer to computer so you are not viewing a true representation of the actual colours.  Please also refer to the offline international numbering system for hair colour as a guideline.

1 (jet black)

01B (off black)

2 (dark brown)

280 (off black/5-10% grey)

283 (off black/25-30% grey)

284 (off black/15% grey)

3 (dark medium brown)

4 (medium brown)

5 (light medium brown)

6 (light brown)

6/33D (light brown / light auburn)

7 (dark ash brown)

8 (medium ash brown)

8/22 (medium ash brown/light blonde)

12 (light golden brown)

14 (wheat blonde)

18 (light ash brown)

18 (light ash brown/light blonde)

22/33D (strawberry blonde/light auburn)

22 (light blonde)

22/27 (light blonde/strawberry blonde)

27 (strawberry blonde)

27/33D (strawberry blonde/light auburn)

28 (orangish red blonde)

30 (medium auburn)

31 (red copper)

32 (red wine)

33B (light auburn)

33D (dark auburn)

613 (bleached blonde)

T1B/35 (off black/deep dark auburn)

T2/6 (dark brown / light brown)

T2/30 (dark brown/medium auburn)

T3/27 (dark brown/strawberry blonde)

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