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It's official: wearing a weave qualifies as keeping your hair natural!


1 March 2016: It is official: as we continue to opt for natural hair styles in our masses, wigs, weaves and extensions are very much part of the mix.  Mintel’s recent US report revealed precisely what we’ve been harping on about for ages: that you can wear weaves AND keep your hair natural, because weaves should be considered as protective styling AND are available in natural hair textures and styles!  See our ‘How wearing a new type of weave qualifies as keeping your hair natural’ article from 28 October 2014


In January 2016 Mintel’s report* revealed that the sales of relaxers dropped 18.6 per cent from 2013 to 2015.  We were not surprised to read that the research showed that as both the market and the consumer shift toward natural hair however, the weave, extension and wig segment continues to grow with 44 per cent of black women wearing a weave, wig or extensions in the previous 12 months. 


The Mintel research revealed that 63 per cent of black women spent an annual average of $239 on wigs, weaves, extensions or styling tools further suggesting weaves, wigs and extensions are here to stay. 81 per cent of black women prefer an effective, no-fuss beauty/grooming routine, and 84 per cent prefer hairstyles that are simple and easy to do themselves. Cue the SimiWeave™ U part wig….the 60-second weave that you clip on and off at home yourself….  


’Natural hair movement transforms US Black hair care market’ article in Premium Beauty News 4 January 2016.,9082

1 March 2016

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