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Nurture Natural Hair

With TLC and protective styles

Just because our brand name includes that word 'weave' does not mean we are all about thread, glue or damaging chemicals! We've always advocated the importance of caring for and maintaining your own, natural hair. After all, it was the desparation to wear her own hair in a quick, convenient, and realistic-looking way, without the use of damaging glue, thread or chemicals, that compelled Simi Belo to invent the SimiWeave™ U part wig back in 2003! Our selection has always been dominated by natural-looking yaki finishes and over the years we have introduced different afro-centric styles. Our #nurturenaturalhair drive features a:-


  • Plan - a step-by-step guide for nurturing your hair while wearing your deliberately-protective SimiWeave™ style/s.

  • Challenge - need an incentive? Follow our plan, take photos, compare your before and afters and receive SimiWeave™ freebies and discounts. 

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