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Nurture Natural Hair Challenge

Just in case you need an incentive!
Nurture Natural Hair
  1. Click here to register.

  2. Buy one SimiWeave™ and get one free - you'll need at least two, so that you have a spare to wear when the other is in the wash, so we'll provide you with a special code* for your freebie.  

  3. Follow our plan for caring for your natural hair under your SimiWeave™ U part wig style/s for six months.

  4. Take photos of your natural hair and SimiWeave™ style/s** throughout the six months. Upload your photos to #nurturenaturalhair.

  5. At the end of the six months we will use your photos to compare your natural hair before and after the programme and provide you with a 50% off SimiWeave™ discount code***.  


*Each code is: valid for single use only, non-transferable, and not valid in conjuction with any other codes or for any of our Remy hair products; and, expires after 30 days from issue.

**You must submit at least four photos of your natural hair and one of you wearing your SimiWeave™ style/s every month, a sub-total of four per month and a total of 30 photos by the end of the six months. Each photo must be clear and in focus and show a close-up of your full head of hair and you cannot have anything covering your head or hair. Shots taken from different angles (e.g. the back and sides) must be included in addition to those taken from the front.

***Each 50% discount code is valid for single use only, is non-transferable, cannot be used in conjuction with any other codes and expires after 90 days following issue.

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