Tons of rave reviews!

It suits the independent woman, who doesn't have hours to sit and have a weave done but doesn't want to wear a traditional wig."  
Samantha Stewart, The Spencer Clinic of Trichology, London.


"Incredibly quick and realistic-looking. Easier than a wig, easier than a weave.”  


Clem Lue Yat, the internationally renowned ‘Master Hair Weaver’ and creator of the Unique Interlocking Hairweaving System and The Wrap Netweaving System.


Although a tiny but LOUD minority have complained.  They've said that (1) the clips hurt; (2) the quality of the human hair is poor; (3) the Yaki finish puffs / matts up; and, (4) the caps are too baggy.  It is important to emphasise that only a very small number of customers have complained (less than 0.003%), but their voices have been magnified by the nature of the websites, blogs, forums and videos they have used to complain; many of which are online and social media platforms run by the competition or the pirates!


Simi Belo has personally responded several times, but only some of her responses are ever published.....funny that!  Do feel free to email her directly anytime.  She will explain that: (1) the 'toupee' clips used have a slide comb part and a clip part.  You do not have to use the clip part since the slide comb part is secure enough.  The clips can hurt when they are not used correctly so it is important to watch the videos and read the instructions, at least for your first use. (2) We use good quality human hair but unless specified, to keep our prices down, we do not use Remy hair as standard, which costs much more.  (3) Our Yaki finish is signifcantly texturised to mimic afro hair so it can matt up in the same way that afro hair matts / puffs up.  (4) We use the international 'average' cap size, and the caps can be adjusted to make them smaller to a certain extent.


But let's scroll back up to the rave reviews from the silent majority!


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