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No romance without finance?


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Here's one for the men: no romance without finance?


Actually, what I really want to ask is ‘is there no romance if you can’t run your fingers through her hair?’ but that’s not quite as catchy, so apologies for grabbing your attention under false pretences!  But now that you are here, please do indulge me by letting me know how much importance you give to being able to run your fingers through her hair, rub her scalp, entwine her locks in your fingers, etc., etc..  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, single women may be looking for tips for changing their status! So, do you run a mile if her hair is a no-go area? Or put her higher on the pedestal if you can rummage freely through her weave, wig and extension-free mane? Perhaps the accessibility of her hair makes no difference to you whatsoever?



But this issue keeps popping up again and again, so it must matter to some men!  Given a choice, would they prefer to embrace a scarf rather than risk raking their hands through hair full of oils, creams and other [necessary] maintenance products? Are some clued up enough on weaves, wigs and extensions to know how to navigate without upsetting anything?  We SimiWeave™ wearers want to know because we have been enjoying wearing our hair loose and ready for love and in ready-made styles with hair extensions, interchangeably and effortlessly for years now! This is because the SimiWeave™ U part wig is actually worn and removed like a wig, so it takes only 60 seconds to wear and remove.  We do not feel obliged to keep the extensions in because we do not have hours to spend on the removal of weave tracks or clumps or strips of hair extensions, glue or thread, each time.   Should the romance fizzle, he certainly cannot blame it on no-go hair!

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