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I feel your pain Mr Selfie Stick inventor!



Media coverage of this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) exhibition in Las Vegas seems to have been dominated by two stories: (1) how the ‘selfie stick’ (or Quick Pod) is THE gadget for today; and, (2) how a Mr Wayne Fromm, has been shouting out that he was the one who invented the selfie stick. From what I can gather, he is shouting not because he likes the sound of his own voice, but, because he just wants people to know where the idea came from. According to NY, “He says — and has a patent to back him up — that the selfie stick is his baby. But it’s not just a cut that he wants….it's credit and fairness that he's after. Seeing how his idea has been copied, laments Fromm, “is like somebody stealing your child.””

Well, Mr Fromm, I feel your pain! I’m going through the same with ‘U part wig’ copies of my award winning SimiWeave flooding the market. Every time I read yet another article or watch yet another video raving about the brilliance of the U part wig, the pride I feel is rapidly extinguished when I am not credited as its inventor. After all my time, hard work, blood, sweat and tears in coming up with the design, perfecting the design, registering my patents and other intellectual property rights, testing prototypes, developing the design and bringing it to market, and so on, recognition as the inventor is really not too much to ask!

Simi Belo, inventor, multiple award winning SimiWeave™ U part wig, 14 January 2015

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