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u part wigs

Each year we throw away enough hair extensions (i.e. wigs, weaves, etc.) which, if laid end to end, could circle the Earth six times!  Our hair cuts also generate enough clippings to fill millions of sacks.  

u part wigs

But did you know that used hair can actually be recycled into oil-spill mats?  Each mat can absorb over 100 times its weight and be re-used fifteen times or more!  Scheduled to launch imminently (i.e., as soon as we get an oil company on board!) , ‘SimiWeave™ Aid' will gather used hair extensions and hair clippings and send it off to a named charity and / or oil company for recycling into oil-spill mats.  This will help the environment by providing much-needed tools to clean up the oceans on a day to day basis, or heaven forbid, in the event of any more disastrous oil spills.  SimiWeave™ Aid will be supported by a marketing campaign, designed to raise awareness of the initiative across the world. 


Conceived by SimiWeave™ U part wig inventor Simi Belo, SimiWeave™ Aid provides those who make, sell, apply or wear hair extensions, and those who get their hair cut (i.e. everyone!) with an effortless way of supporting a worthy cause that affects us all.


It's easy to get involved!

u part wigs
u part wigs
u part wigs



  • Get your hair cut or your extensions applied and removed only at SimiWeave™ Aid salons once we launch!  

  • The salon will collect your used hair to give to the named charity and / or oil company for recycling.


That’s it! You’ll be helping the environment without breaking into a sweat or digging into your pocket!


Salons, shops, offices and other businesses with a store front and / or reception:


  • Email us your details and logo to register your interest. We will email you when we finally launch!

  • Buy your SimiWeave™ Aid Pack.  It will consist of 2 wall peels, 2 T-shirts and 10 badges to alert your customers of your participation.  (No mark up will be applied as each pack will be sold and sent at cost.)

  • Display the wall peels prominently and wear your badges proudly every day.

  • Collect your customers’ used hair and give to the visiting SimiWeave™ Aid collector .


That’s it! You too will be helping the environment without breaking into a sweat or digging deep into your pocket! Actually doing something for the environment will give you an edge over the competition. And, thanks to the inclusion of your details and logo in our marketing campaign, new customers will hear of your business.


Charities and oil companies:


Get in touch now!  We desperately and urgently need you to handle the recycling; and, to collect the used hair all over the world.  IN SHORT, WE NEED YOU TO LAUNCH THIS INITIATIVE!!  GET IN TOUCH NOW!

Where to donate

As soon as we launch SimiWeave™ Aid (which will be as soon as we get an oil company on board!), a list of all the participating salons, hair stylists, shops, offices and businesses will be listed here, so you know where to go to get your hair cut and / or drop off your used hair extensions!


Click here to contact us if you are a salon, hair stylist, shop, office or business with a reception / store front and would like to register to become a 'drop-off point' for used hair collected for SimiWeave™ Aid.

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