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Nurture Natural Hair - Plan

Care for your natural hair, while wearing deliberately-protective SimiWeave™ styles
SimiWeave u part wig

Model wearing Dee 10" left part 

SimiWeave u part wig

Model wearing Dee 10" left part cut and styled

SimiWeave u part wig

Model with natural hair loose

1. Wash

Gently wash, condition, towel dry and thoroughly moisturise your hair. Comb through from the tips to the roots; never comb from the roots to the tips. Your hair may be tight but vigourousness and excessive friction can be damaging and gentleness is key. Avoid fine tooth combs at all times, and use brushes when untangling smaller or tighter curls.

2. Cornrow

We recommend cornrows because we have found that hair grows faster when plaited, but you may prefer to keep your hair loose. Plait large (@8) but flat cornrows from your forehead to your neck. Plait the ends together too - do not use thread or elastic bands. Less is more so leave only a small amount of your hair loose at the front, for the parting (about the size of two fingers, that's all). 

3. Protect

Wear a SimiWeave™ U-part wig daily*, allowing it to protect your hair from all the elements. Have at least two on the go so that you have one to wear while you wash the other one. If your hairline is fragile, do not close the clips: using the slide combs function of the clips should be secure enough (as described and illustrated on all of our packaging).


If you need to create a kink, curl,wave, etc. in the hair you are bringing through the gap to match the texture of yournatural-looking SimiWeave™, then we recommend wetting and plaiting that bit of your hair, letting it dry and the loosening it.  Avoid heated appliances like hair crimpers and tongs. If you are trying to match one of our yaki finishes and need to use a hot comb / GHD on your hair at the front, ensure that you use a ceramic-plated appliance. Always use some pressing oil and do not pass the appliance over your hair more than twice. Avoid pressing your hair more than once a week, so always carry a hat, umbrella, etc. with you!  


Remove your SimiWeave™ every night to let your hair breathe and to moisturise your hair lightly, every other day. Avoid wearing a scarf or net at night since they can rub too much on the your hairline. Use a towel on your pillow if there is too much residue from your moisturiser. If you prefer to wear a scarf, make sure it is made of silk. Yes, we know that all of this can wreck your love life, but it is worth it!

*Recommended for up to @90 per cent of the time you need and want to wear deliberately-protective styles.

4. Repeat

Loosen your cornrows and repeat the above steps frequently - weekly if your scalp perspires a lot and / or produces a lot of natural oils.  

5. Always

Always avoid harsh conditions like smoky environments, bright lights, extreme weather, etc.; and, maintain a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle - it all counts!  Always practice good hair etiquette too (do not use chemicals (including relaxers, perms, dyes, etc.), abrasive or sharp items and materials on your hair and avoid excessive tugging, force, weight and tightness).

Need proof that the plan works?

'I wear my SimiWeave™ styles @90 per cent of the time but here I am not wearing one, with my natural hair out.'  

Simi Belo, inventor of the U part wig concept / SimiWeave™, May 2016.


​1. How often should I wear my natural hair out?

This is up to you, just as long as you do wear it out from time to time so that you take a break from whatever form of styling and / or protective styling you are using.  We have found that @10 per cent of the time works well, as long as you are not using excessive heat, pressure or other damaging methods to style your hair during that time though!

2. Which shampoos, conditioners, pressing oils and GHDs do you recommend?

Shampoos, conditions and pressing oils created especially for natural​ Afro hair do tend to be more effective, and there are many different brands to choose from. We recommend only ceramic-plated GHDs. 

3. What if I do not know how to corn row my hair (or have anyone to do it for me)?

You need to learn, quickly! Until then, just pack up your hair as you would to wear any wig; it is the care and maintenance of your hair (i.e. moisturising frequently) that is most important. 

4. What if I need to press my hair daily to match the hair of my SimiWeave™ style?

Avoid pressing your own hair more than once a week. A 100% perfect match is not essential and the illusion is easier to complete if you leave only a small amount of your own hair out - we recommend @3" in by @1" across (about the size of two fingers, that's all). 

5. What happens if I do not follow this plan strictly?

It all depends on how much you deviate from it! If you do not have any kind of care regime for your hair under your protective styles, you are risking scalp damage, hair breakage and all sorts of problems; although thankfully, not of the scale of thread, glue or chemical damage. On the other hand, you could follow the plan strictly and still experience some problems because factors such as the existing condition of your hair and scalp, your hair history, genetics, age, stress, exercise and diet and so on, all contribute to the healthiness, quality and quantity of our hair. 

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