Proof that less can be more!

10 Sep 2008


When it comes to achieving a realistic hairline with hair extension products and techniques, ‘less’ really is ‘more’. That was certainly Simi Belo's conviction when she invented the SimiWeave™, the patented original and still the best U part wig. She believed that instead of the addition of new features, the ultimate solution could be achieved with the removal of existing features! So she cut and removed a small rectangular piece of hair and wig cap from the front of an old wig, creating a ‘U’-shaped gap in the hairline in the process…...and the revolutionary ‘SimiWeave™’ was born!


Simi patented her unique design and originally launched it in the UK in 2004 under the brand name ‘NewHair®’. It was heralded as ‘a new invention set to take the hairdressing world by storm’ by the UK’s Black Beauty & Hair magazine, and the SimiWeave™ U part wig has been a huge success amongst customers, hair and beauty experts, the media, celebrities and retailers alike. Proving that when it comes to your crowning glory, less IS more!

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SimiWeave™ and NewHair® are registered patents, design rights and trade marks. The SimiWeave™ is available only from this website and the approved retailers listed here.  BEWARE OF IMITATIONS!  Copyright SimiWeave 2019.