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Wearing & Styling Videos

Introducing the SimiWeave™ U part wig

Our new introduction and wearing video (updated October 2014).

The 60 second weave - see for yourself!

Our new, 60 second wearing video!


See why it is known as the '60-second weave'!   This is our original 2004 video so the brand name, contact and stockist details are out of date......although how you wear the SimiWeave™ u part wig is still the same!


The possibilities are endless with a SimiWeave u part wig!


Go from straight to wavy or curly with a SimiWeave U part wig

Introducing the SimiWeaveU part wig

BIG kiss to Chris Rock!

His 2009 'Good Hair' movie illustrates why the SimiWeave™ U part wig - a quick, easy, convenient and affordable hair solution - is much needed!

SimiWeave U part wig styling examples

The multiple award winning SimiWeave™ - the possibilities are endless!

Click here for our Customer Gallery!

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